I was supposed to post this the day after my big day. No excuses, but life gets in the way. I’ve items on my agenda and I felt the need to do them first. You could say I’m OC that way.

Day 2 of another 365 days wouldn’t be a bad time to post this, right? I mean, surely, it’s not too late to set another year of life goals. I usually do a lot of reflections at the start of the new year. Sometimes, though, I make exceptions. I’m not planning on making huge and overwhelming goals. I just want to be realistic.

It’s interesting to note that just when I was thinking of setting new goals for another 365 days, I came upon this tweet on Twitter that I felt sort of called out to me. I couldn’t resist RTing and adding in my comment.

life goals

I will have to admit that it’s pretty generic. But it’s enough of a start for me. I post about it so it would serve as my guide and constant reminder of what needs to be done for another year. Then, I’ll take it from there. Hopefully, by this time next year, I would have accomplished things I only once dreamed of… whatever they are. I won’t turn this into a novel, so I’ll end it here. Let’s just welcome another year of new beginnings…

Till next update.. enjoy your weekend! Ta-tah!

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