Chinese Lantern Christmas Tree
Chinese Lantern Christmas Tree

…and here I am updating my blog! 😀 Well, if you are to believe the Mayan calendar and the prediction that said that it’s the end of another cycle. Well, I doubt if we’re on the same calendar as the one the Mayans used a long time ago. For all we know, only the end can foretell the end.

For now, life goes on! 🙂

Over the past weekend, my daughter and I decided to explore the neighborhood mall and act like tourists. We also decided to experience the fireworks display held there every weekend of this month. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon so we waited till the rain dissipated.

There we were with camera in tow, taking shots like a bunch of tourists to the place. It truly isn’t something we always do. But hey, it’s fun sometimes.

I even shot a video of the brief moment of the fireworks display which was a bit difficult as I had to strain my neck and back just to get a nice shot of the sky above it.

The photo above showed the Chinese lantern Christmas tree located at the Chinatown walk of the said mall. Notice it was rather cloudy in the first shot. Well, it was nearing sunset and just after the rain too. I took another shot during the night as I wanted to see it all lighted up. And true enough, there it is! So cool! There were lots of other people also taking photos by the said lantern tree. Such a nice site indeed! 🙂 I have a few other photos but have yet to decide where to share them. Anyway, here’s the short video of the fireworks display that I took. Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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