A bit of a throwback for today’s post… The La Naval Procession is annually celebrated in October. This is the second year that my daughter attended. Just like last year, their entire school assembled along Cuenco corner Sto. Domingo Streets.

La Naval de Manila 2013

I was amazed at the number of people who participated this year. I do believe it was much more than last year. I guess more people feel the need to pray more for the issues that are affecting the nation.

La Naval Procession

The procession started at around 4 p.m. Unlike last year wherein I joined my daughter in the procession, I stayed put to watch the rest of the procession of the different saints and took lots of photos — something I wanted to do in a long time! 😀

Knights of Columbus

I waited until the Lady of La Naval de Manila was brought out of Santo Domingo Church. While waiting I couldn’t help but admire the lovely clouds in the sky. There was even an early afternoon moon. More people followed the image of Our Lady of La Naval. By that time, it was almost 5:30pm so I went to meet up with my daughter.

awesome afternoon sky

We left as early as we could so we wouldn’t get caught up with the huge crowd of commuters. After dining at a nearby Burger King, we headed home. It was indeed another mom-daughter bonding day! 😀 Till next update… ta-tah! Happy weekend to one and all!

Our Lady of La Naval

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