I love my country. It’s the only place where I envision myself and my family to be. But that has not always been the case. When I was younger, I was frustrated with the state of the nation and wanted to flee. But that has changed in years that passed. I guess age does make a difference.

Why am I suddenly writing about this? I have always veered away from making comments on vital issues that affect most citizens of my nation. I guess I just wanted to reflect on the recently concluded local election that took place last Monday.

I Voted!

Ever since I became a voter, I made it a point to exercise my right to vote. So yeah, I have not missed a single local and national election since then. Each time around I have always adopted an attitude of hope… hope that change for the better is indeed possible.

Is there really hope for the Philippines? I admit I don’t have an answer to that question. I don’t consider myself that knowledgeable in terms of the state of local politics and I know that I am not without fault when it comes to choosing the right officials to lead the nation. But the result of the election in my locality elicited from me a series of mixed emotions… a range of emotions that began with shock… became disbelief… graduated into anger and eventually frustration! WTF??!!

I’m saddened that a vast majority of voters still have not attained the political maturity required to steer the nation towards progress. Pathetic indeed! 🙁

I guess at this point only time will tell what happens next. I do pray for the City of Manila and the hundred thousand Manileño voters whom I pray did not make a HUGE MISTAKE in choosing the officials who would lead the city. God bless the City of Manila! ^_^

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