Internetdots : Connecting the Dots to Internet Success was a webinar conducted by Armand Morin, a successful Internet marketer since 1996. I got the link about it from BlogEnergizer email. I actually was even debating with myself whether I would attend said webinar, but in the end, I’m glad I did. Although most webinars conducted are about product sales — an Internet marketing system developed by Armand Morin and his team in this case — there are the basic elements and concepts that are covered.

These basic concepts are the sources of valuable information from attending the webinar. For example, Armand Morin mentioned that around 8,000 people join the Internet community daily. Most have the intention to earn additional income online. However, around 94% of them fail, not because they’re not doing it right, but because they are following the WRONG MODEL! He mentioned that there are some models that are not duplicable. So while they worked for some people, they won’t necessarily work for you. A classic example would be a model used by veterans in the Internet marketing field who have amassed hundreds and thousands on their list vs. a newbie who probably doesn’t have a list yet.

Armand discussed 5 different Internet marketing models and talked a little about the pros and cons of each. I will go into further details on that in my email series.

The webinar also mentioned about some problems that should be avoided in online marketing. They are:

Wrong Price Points

Products that you offer should ideally and preferably be at the right price point. You should not be in the habit of “underpricing” your products. Also, Armand made justifications and mathematical computations on why offering a high end product is actually good for your business. This part I needed to digest, but I do totally agree with the computations as figures don’t lie.

No Value

Armand suggests to give more value to your potential customers. Your main goal should be to build long-term relationship. Some ways to add value are: 1. providing great content 2. giving people EXACTLY what they want.

Wrong Marketing

An example used here is the niche of “Weight Loss and Diet.” Armand mentioned “targeted keywords.” People who are looking to really buy stuff usually search for more detailed or targeted keywords rather than just typing in generic terms. For example, using “diet” versus “how to lose weight in 7 days.” People using the first example are probably just scanning for more info, but those searching for the latter are more apt to be more serious about the topic. You would want to market to people who have an urgency for a particular product or service.

The last part of the webinar was about Armand Morin’s proven marketing system that one can purchase. The total package actually costs $ 1,997! I think it sounds like a truly good package as it walks you through setting up the whole Internet business from market research down to actual creation of your product and marketing it to the vast market of the Internet. If I had the budget, I would probably invest in it. LOL! 😀

More valuable information on the seminar will be included in my email series, Keeping Up with Rain. I hope you sign-up now so you don’t miss out on good information.

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