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We’ll miss you Gin!

My daughter and I are in a little emotional roller coaster ride at the moment. The main reason is that we lost one of our beloved guinea pigs all of a sudden.  Yes, Gin, as we called our albino guinea pig, was my favorite.  I’m still in a little state of disbelief and shock. I was supposed to blog about it yesterday but was feeling too low to do so. But I know that I need to somehow deal with the emotions and carry on.

Death is part of life and a reality we all need to face. So instead of wallowing in grief, I choose to do something productive. Earlier, my daughter and I went to buy some gardening provisions. Yes, I’m planning to start growing some flowering plants in honor and memory of Gin. Wish me luck a bit here as I’m quite new to this.

In addition, Bea and I are aware that we have another guinea pig, Nea, who equally needs care and attention. Nea may also be feeling just as sad as we are since he would be all alone without Gin. So we also went out of our way to buy a new companion for Nea. We know we can’t replace Gin, and that he will always be in our hearts. I hope the story touches you and inspires you. PS. I made a tribute video for Gin…….

I’ll keep you posted on updates! I’ve got some catching up to do with online stuff. Till next post… ta-tah! 😀

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