For as long and as far back as I remember, I’ve always loved the weekends! It’s probably one of those things I would never outgrow. I’m always excited when it’s drawing near and almost always sad when it comes to an end.

It’s early morning of Monday now where I am. Although I don’t really need to be up and about on Monday mornings, I still somehow feel a little blue. I’m quite busy though as I’m working on the second volume of my guide book for ClickTrackProfit. Yes, the program has been relaunched two days ago. I think the timing is just right as it’s been a week since I’ve released my first guide book and I’ve more time to work on the second one only during the weekends. I suppose that’s another reason why I like the weekends more these days. I have more time for my online marketing ventures. I truly dream of a time when I will only need to focus on this task and really grow my own online biz. But one step at a time.. soon it will come.. right now I will just focus on growing.. my network, knowledge, skills, everything that I will need to make it in this biz.Ā 

Earlier, my daughter and IĀ  trekked to the mall once again for her ordered book at PowerBooks. I’m just glad to get away sometimes and find the time to bond with her. Time was when she was just a baby. Now she’s a teenager, sweet 16, but I’m happy that she still likes hanging out with Mom. LOL! šŸ˜€ In fact, when we went to the movies to watch the last Harry Potter movie last weekend, we both felt a little sad. We’ve enjoyed watching all the HP movies together from the start. Now it feels like another tradition has come to an end. Then again, it’s time to form new bonding moments. After all, life goes on. Each day is a brand new day.Ā  I try to remind myself just that whenever another weekend comes to an end. It’s time to look forward to another week. šŸ˜€ And if you’re reading this, I wish you a great week ahead! Ta-tah for now! It’s time to get busy…

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