My previous post was on a webinar that I was able to attend about SEO strategies and building backlinks. I don’t claim to be an expert on the topic, but I’m trying to learn more about it as each day passes. I’m of the belief that the World Wide Web is as vast as the universe and that there’s room for everyone. But I certainly am not passing up the chance of being found by every search engines out there. LOL! 😀

So let’s say you have a self-hosted site. And that you have installed a WordPress blog on it. Try to look up your site at to find out more about your site ranking. If your site is new, you don’t naturally expect to have a high rank. A few months ago when we did that exercise, my site rank was at 6 million. LOL! Imagine that! 😀

You can even grab some of the widgets over at Alexa to add to your site. There are Traffic Widgets like the site stat or site rank widgets. Or you can add a Review Widget like the one I have on this blog. If you’re working with a team, it’s a good idea to help one another by commenting on each one’s post. You can also leave a review of each one’s site over at Alexa. Well, as you can see, my numbers aren’t that high (or low — which means you have a higher rank from the top) but compared to two months ago, it has improved much! I know I still have a lot to work on in improving ranking. What’s important is to be consistent, creative, and enthusiastic! LOL 😀

Review on

Here’s a short list of tips for building links. There are lots of sources around the web so it would be good to read around and do a few steps at a time. I must agree that link building is a long, tedious process. It can be confusing as well as frustrating. I certainly wouldn’t rush it, but I would recommend working at it every single day that you’re online. In time, all your hard work and efforts will pay off.

We have to admit that people love reading about “lists.” So go and build a “101 list” about some interesting topic, like the one I came across.. 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity. It seems people can’t resist linking to these “lists.”

You can also create “10 easy tips to help you (any topic)” articles. Again, this is quite popular and easy to link to. Hmm, perhaps next time around I would write about.. 10 Quotes I Live By.. 😀

Try to create an extensive resource list for a specific topic. This may be about a hobby, an interest, or simply your expertise. It depends on the niche you’re targeting.

Making a list of top 10 myths for a specific category is another good idea. Hmm, would “Top 10 Myths of Link Building” sound good? LOL 😀

Lastly, you can opt to create a list of gurus/experts. It might even impress the people listed and they may link to your site or say thanks and endorse or recommend your work. If you’re targeting the traffic exchange industry, you can make a list of your top 10 traffic generating sites. I’m sure you get the idea.

So before my post turns into another novel, I better just get right on and follow my own advice and work on my own list. LOL! 😀 Be sure to come back for more reading next time.

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