I’m no geek, but I do have a penchant for reading science news. Somehow news of scientific breakthroughs fascinate me. Plus, I do learn a lot more new stuff. After all, my academic background is non-science. With so many things happening around us today — weather changes, asteroid and comet sightings, flooding worldwide, and even sinkholes — I can’t help but develop a stronger desire to learn more about the earth and everything around us. I am of the belief that each individual is one with the universe and therefore very much a part of it all.

God particle — someone on YouTube mentioned that it was short for goddamn particle — since it has been quite elusive so far and that scientists have yet to fully establish that it does exist. I’m still in the process of absorbing what this “Higgs Boson” is so I’m afraid I can’t quite yet explain it in my own words. But I did find this interesting video that somehow explains what exactly is a Higgs Boson.

I hope you now understand a little more about it. On to another news, if you’re Catholic and have been keeping updates on what’s the latest, you must know by now that we have a new pope — Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio or more known as Pope Francis. To know more about the first non-European pope, here’s a video I found about him…….

Whether you believe in prophecies or not, I pray that the world will not be rocked by any more unfortunate incidents. I have heard of the prediction of the fall of the papacy since I was a kid. I pray that Pope Francis will not be the last pope. But whether that time really comes, only time will tell. And just today, I came by an article that mentions about Mars having the right stuff for life. A habitable mars? Why not! Indeed, I just wonder how much actual information is shared to the general public on matters that concern each of us. For all we know, some secret groups are already privy to the existence of extraterrestrial presence among us.

Here’s the video on Mars……. Enjoy!

And I’m exhilarated by the arrival of the weekend once again. As it is, I will have to work on my laundry as I missed my laundry night last night ‘coz I was feeling a little too tired. 😛 With that, I hope you enjoy your weekend! Till next post… ta-tah! 😀

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