The turning of the year holds some important meaning for a lot of us. For some, it signifies a new beginning. Time to let go of the old.. time to embrace what’s new. For others, it may just mean a continuity of what has been started. I started my creative journal some time before the year ended. I continue on with it.. capturing my daily moments. 

It has almost been two weeks since the year 2015 started. I’ve noticed that a number of folks are quite obsessed with life planners. I must admit they look pretty good. At times, I’m even tempted to invest in them. However, I couldn’t just kid myself, knowing that I’m not really an “obsessed with my planner” type of person. In fact, I’ve stopped planning a long time ago due to a lot of reasons. I guess you could say that “age” is one of them. I simply prefer to jot down general ideas or events that I’ve done or been to. The rest simply slip by and become forgotten. That works well with me.

For this year, I’ve decided to do a bit of planning. To start off, I jumped on the bandwagon of  coming up with my catch word for the year — FOCUS! Yes, even at my age, there are lots of stuff I still want to do and achieve. But I know that I couldn’t possibly do them all at once. So yes, I need to focus on my strength, my goals, my dreams, my heart’s desire. 

On my creative journal, I came up with a simple formula to help me visualize on the idea. 1) Turn my dreams into goals; 2) Focus on my goals; 3) Achieve success. I like to keep things simple. It would be easier that way. I guess the hardest part would be the first step, where I expect a lot of challenges. Then, the second step, where hindrances may pop up along the way. Still, FOCUS is the catch word. That’s all I need to remember. What’s your catch word for the year?

All righty, now that I have a catch word, I’ll work on my bucket list next. But that’s a topic for another day! Till next post… ta-tah! 😀

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