It’s the last day of July. How time flies indeed! It’s been a month since I tried the photo a day challenge on Instagram.

I’ve joined the site for around a month and a half — since I got a smartphone for my birthday. I truly love sharing photos and to date have over 200 photos.

For the FMSPHOTOADAY July challenge, I do have some personal favorites. Not including the ones where I feature my talented and loving daughter, here are my Top 5 picks…

1. Perspective


I’ve seen lots of these types of photos but didn’t know that’s what they’re called. It’s a new technique and I’m happy to learn how to make the best perspective shots. I will keep trying till I improve on it.

2. Outside the window

 outside the window

This reminds me how much I love taking photos from high above ground. I’d love to have my own place… preferably somewhere on the higher floor.

3. I drew this!

 I drew this

A constant reminder that there’s more to life to be happy about! Isn’t it a good motivational reminder?

4. 3 things

 3 things

Not my best photo, but definitely one of the best moments in life… life’s little pleasures… ahh I do so love quiet moments by myself… just me, my book and coffee and my reading glasses 🙂

5. I wore this!

 I wore this

In my dreams for now… but it will remind me of my goal to lose weight and be fit. One day I will fit into one of these too. 😀

Well, it will be August tomorrow and I’m still contemplating about the next photo a day challenge for next month. Perhaps it will be good to give it another shot. A daily challenge helps one look forward to each new day. Till next post… ta-tah!


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