I’m back! 😀 I actually had trouble accessing my site back there. The worst part is I didn’t know what to do!?! Hey, I’m new to all these. Plus I just started the site and still have to work on changing some site designs and all. It’s a holiday weekend in the US and my tech friend is on vacation. Knowing me, I wouldn’t wait till Tuesday to figure out what I did wrong.

Here’s the good part. Since social media marketing has begun, I’ve been networking more with other Internet marketers. And I am so thankful for that since that’s exactly where I got the help I needed. It turned out I’m missing an index.html file. Thanks to Kay Roath for pointing me to the right direction. I’m just thankful to be a part of J2BAM Members Mastermind group on Skype. I will talk about my affiliate programs another time. I actually plan to have a separate page for each major one that I’m into.

Another great stuff is I was able to toy around with the index.html file I created that I was able to add a squeeze page as my landing page. That for me is so cool!!! Well, there’s so much more to learn and organize. I’m just happy to be back on. Till next time! 😀

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