It’s summer where I am and oh my, the daily weather is indeed really warm. Nonetheless, we all welcome summer as it’s a break from school — well, for most kids, that is. The local education system is currently undergoing curriculum adjustment to the K-12 system. As such, my tutees are attending a summer bridging program that started last 1st April. So life is pretty much on regular mode for me, except that the weather is a lot warmer. I sometimes feel that I’m not too productive these days and have to adjust to morning schedule due to extra tutorial during the season. Now, what did that have to do with exploring the Walled City? (Photo credit : By sam garza from Los Angeles, USA (beach view…) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Baluarte de San Gabriel
Atop the Walled City

Well, it is summer and most kids are on break. However, some — like my daughter — enrolled for summer class. My niece and I accompanied her during enrollment and so we got the chance to explore the Walled City where my daughter’s school is located. Nope, it wasn’t planned, rather just some random thing we thought of after the enrollment.

Intramuros walls
Is that Pooh and Piglet? LOL…

We walked up the wall and walked on the path there. The kids posed for the photo above, but don’t worry we did stay out of the glaring sun for most of the time. It’s not a very long walk, just around two blocks. My daughter said there’s a nice garden that her classmates have mentioned to her. That’s our destination.

Puerta del Parian Asean Garden
Puerta del Parian Asean Garden

Puerta del Parian Asean Garden — that’s the post right by the entrance that looked like an arch. I didn’t even know there’s such a place until my daughter led us to it. Intramuros — the Walled City — is rich in history. It was after all the original fortified city of Manila and the seat of the Spanish government during the colonial times.

Puerta del Parian main entrance
Puerta del Parian arch

As we entered the garden, I looked back to take a photo of the arch entrance. I think it looks fascinating. I was surprised to find a nice looking and spacious garden within. We walked around the garden and took some more photos which are all shared on my Facebook account. Most people might think we looked silly, and indeed, we felt a bit silly as we were acting like a bunch of tourists. Nonetheless, I was just excited to see a lovely place within the city and to explore it and take photos too!

Puerta del Parian Asean Garden walk
Within Asean Garden

We walked through the vast space of the garden and exited at the opposite end from where we came in. It was a tiring yet enjoyable day! 🙂 There’s a lot more that I haven’t explored around Intramuros. I hope that we get to see more beautiful places within the next few days and weeks. I sure hope summer classes won’t get in the way of fun! Well, that’s it for now! Stay tuned for more next time… ta-tah! Have a great week ahead!

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