The rising cost of living pushes everyone.. and that includes me.. into seeking additional income in order to have more than enough financial resources to save for emergencies and miscellaneous stuff.

Boardwalk PH catalog

Boardwalk PH catalog

I actually grew up seeing my mom augmenting her income with direct sales.. from Tupperware brands, Triumph, Avon, and many more. She’s not that active lately anymore and I felt it’s high time I follow in her footsteps. Having extra income truly helps one overcome financial challenges.

Boardwalk PH summer catalog

Boardwalk PH summer catalog

For this year, I have finally taken the leap and joined Boardwalk Philippines earlier this year. BoardwalkPH is a local direct selling company that mainly sells clothing, footwear, fashion accessories and many more. The products are of high quality and have more than a few local celebrity endorsers. The company also has an online site ( and can be promoted as an online business. For more info on how to become a dealer or personal shopper, click here.

You can sign up for free and use my sponsor ID: HO098340.

Boardwalk PH blouse

Product detail: Akylah sizes: S-M-L (Mom’s blouse)

At the moment I still have a lot to learn about the company and its many products. Plus, I will need to promote it more so I could get more sales and hopefully, get to help more people in starting up with Boardwalk too. But I am truly happy to share that I got promoted from member to Junior Marketing Consultant (JMC) within two months of joining Boardwalk. I know I have a long way to go, but I am very eager and willing to learn so I could continually grow with the company and in the process, also help more people achieve financial freedom.

Boardwalk PH ladies' eyewear collection

Product detail: Verzuz (ladies’ eyewear collection)

That’s it for now! I will share more stories about Boardwalk PH soon. Till next time… ta-tah!

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