Macchu Picchu

There is one YouTube channel that I recently discovered, UFOTV. I find the uploaded videos truly interesting and plan to watch as many of the featured videos as my schedule can allow. That’s the main reason why my post today is about one of my dream travel destinations — the ancient ruins in Peru.

The latest video that was uploaded on UFOTV was entitled “Ancient Aliens in Peru.” The feature is more than an hour and forty-five minutes long, so you’ll really need to set aside time to watch it. It’s so interesting because it not only takes you to a travel through the ancient ruins but also talks about the amazing features of the architectural structures of the ancient ruins.

There is also speculation about the existence of an ancient culture even older than the Incas and a reference to a lost continent called Mu. If you’re a fan of the mysteries of the past, you will enjoy watching the video. For me, it’s like I took that much dreamed about travel to the many ancient ruins sites in Peru. A regular travel wouldn’t probably be as comprehensive and detailed. I think the directors did a great job covering the story.

I’ll definitely share more stories from the other videos next time around. Have fun! Ta-tah! 😀

Photo credit: By Allard Schmidt (The Netherlands) (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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