This page takes off from the CTP Reloaded Guide Book #2. Step 1 of the videos was featured in the guide book.

Step 2 : In this second video, Jon Olson talks about the three types of people you can find online: those holding on to the past, slot machine marketers, and future seekers. It’s based on Kevin Hogan’s book The Science of Influence.

Step 3 : In video #3, Jon talks about his favorite formula. Focus first on earning $2.73/day before worrying about bigger figures.

Step 4 : Jon does his paper-and-pen act in video #4. He flips the pyramid model and explains about creating a funnel with CTP to build an online business that works.

Step 5 : Jon talks about the A.C.A. of splash page designs. Attention, Curiosity, Action. Watch the video for more information and some sample pages from Jon.

Step 6 : In this video, Jon walks you through promoting on Sweeva.

Step 7  :  Jon talks about “nugget” and the benefits of promoting yourself as you promote your CTP program.

Step 8    :   In this video Jon gives a recap of the surf process in the ten TEs featured on CTP. At this stage, you are expected to have fully grasped the concept of advertising on TEs. Jon encourages you to try and promote at other TEs out there.

Step 9      :    In this ninth series, Jon talks about the process of achieving online success. Again, the stress is on the process, not just the end goal.

Step 10     :  Jon dispels the myth that having a massive list of people automatically guarantees success online. Work with a few, esp. those whom you interact with regularly, build a community and a good working relationship.

Step 11    :  Take your time in building your CTP program. Go over all the videos to develop the mindset of building your online business over time.

Step 12   : Jon talks about mindset again. The bottom line is take charge of your own learning and development. If you really are determined to succeed, you would do what it takes to learn more about the business.



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