Step 1 of StartXchange Mastery was featured in CTP Reloaded Guide Book #2. The rest of the steps will be features here as they are unlocked.

Step 2 : Tim Linden’s next challenge: Make 20 forum posts at SX, but don’t spam! Introduce yourself, be visible and be recognizable.

Step 3 : Tim’s 3rd challenge is easier: Add 1 website, 1 banner, and 1 text ad. Remember to add credits so your ads are seen.

Step 4 : You need to reach Activity Level 5 to surpass this step. In order to reach that, you need to be constantly surfing at SX. There’s a setting on main member area to indicate your goal — Level 5. The system automatically generates how many more sites you need to surf.

Step 5 : In this video, Tim encourages everyone to join a team at SX. I’ve joined one a long time ago and enjoys it as I do earn some credits from the team on a weekly basis.

Step 6 : I will be stuck at this level for now as “son of a pitch” (to borrow the term coined by Craig Ignatowitz) you will need to buy first page at SX. Prizes range from $65 to $75 that are way above my budget at this point.

Step 7


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