Brenda requested me to come up with a section about “kingships” and “thiefs” (sic). These are part of the fun features of the CTP Program. But if you’re new to CTP, what exactly are they? I hope that my brief explanation here will help you understand more about them.


You get the kingship for a particular badge if you are the FIRST ever claimant of that badge. Since I’ve been with CTP program for some time now, I was able to somehow claim kingship a few times. It’s not as much as others have, but I’m quite happy with it. It sure is fun to find some new badge once in awhile. Again, if you’re new to CTP, don’t despair as new badges are released from time to time. Of course, you need to be surfing TimTech sites regularly to increase your chances of finding them.


This was probably introduced to add a bit of a challenge to the game of finding a special badge (the thief badge). It became an instant craze the first timeΒ  it came out. Some have grown tired of it after a while. It’s still fun to look for and find the “thief badge”. All you need to do is… post a comment on the profile of the person who has the badge and you get “to steal” it from him/her. Yup, this part was a secret for a long time. Heck, it’s my blog. I can reveal the secret here. I just hope you’re reading it. LOL πŸ˜€

thief badge

That’s the one you’re looking for. This challenge also encourages members to be more social as one will need to post something before he/she can steal this badge. When I tried it for a few times, I didn’t get anything to show for it. I just found out today that there’s a special badge that was released for those who have attempted to steal the “thief badge.” It’s called “the thief snooping badge.” It kinda looks like the original except it has “eyes.” Yaiks! Creepy if you ask me. LOL πŸ˜€ But at least you get to keep the “thief snooping badge.” If you want to look for the “thief badge,” try visiting my CTP PROFILE, scroll down a bit, click on “Darth Raider.” This will take you to his profile. You just might find it sitting there. If it is, you know what to do. Don’t tell him I sent you. LOL! πŸ˜€

thief snooping badge


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