Since I came out with CTP RELOADED Guide Book #2, another mastery level has been added to CTP.   It’s called Nerd Mastery and I’ve posted a related post about it. Read it here.

Step 1   :  Find the Nerd Surf 100 badge 5 times!


Step 2   :  Find the Nerd Surf 250 badge 5 times!

Step 3   :  Find the Nerd Surf 500 badge 5 times!

Step 4   :  Find the Nerd Surf 1000 badge 5 times!

Step 5   :  Find the Nerd Surf 2000 badge 5 times!

Here’s your reward upon completion of this mastery level…

I personally have not yet achieved this, but thanks to Brenda Broyles ‘coz I got that from her CTP profile. 😀

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