I log into my CTP back office to find another new section and video. At this time, only one step has been added here, but I will continually add more as new stuff are added.

Step 1   :  Watch this video as Justin Ledvina suggests marketing “evergreen” products and does the math and compares affiliate programs that pay 30% commissions vs. those that pay 50% commissions.

Step 2  : Jon does the math on how to make $$$ a month from referral commissions by promoting “evergreen” products. These are programs that won’t go out of style and are designed to last a few years down the line ‘coz of their function.

Step 3  : James Dias talks about staying with a program for at least a year to test it out and maximize marketing efforts and all. It usually takes around that time to see whether it works or if it’s time to make a move.

Step 4  : Jon shows his many books and talks about keeping yourself informed and adding to your knowledge and skills while building your online business. Learning is crucial to success.

Step 5  : Jon talks about member retention in any program. He suggests to engage your downlines in chat or forum or other social media in order to build good working relations and work together for longer years to come. 

Step 6 : Justin Ledvina takes over to talk about having a goal of +1 each week to grow your list. True, there are member dropouts but when you stick to adding at least one new business to your list each week, you still have a working chance of growing your business. 

Step 7  : Jon talks about being yourself, being a real person. He even introduces his mom on this video. Do check it out.

Step 8  : Jon talks about the elephant in the room — you guessed it — BADGES. He suggests some ways by which you can use badges to grow your list or get people to sign-up for your affiliate programs. He mentions the objective that the badges are supposed to make surfing at traffic exchanges fun and exciting. 


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