Step 1 was featured in CTP Reloaded Guide Book #2. More updates will be added here as they are unlocked.

Step 2 : In the second step of the mastery, you need to duplicate one of your existing designs on ADK. For all that it’s worth, Larry, Tim, and Justin are funny and amusing in the video! LOL 😀

Step 3 : Justin is such a comic on this video! 😀 Just create 1 design and use the Bevel feature on ADK.

Step 4 : This step is about sharing your design with your downline. This feature was added based on suggestions from ADK users. It is now possible to have a ‘team design’ for your splash pages. You just need to add a few modifications if you want to personalize your page.

Step 5 : In this step, you’re given a share code for a design that you need to duplicate and edit to your liking. After which you would then need to enter your share code for the new design you created.

Once this mastery has been completed, you would get this stamp added to your CTP profile and achievement.


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