Working online is serious business. It’s also not as easy as one likes to think, at least not when one is starting out. One of the most basic thing that one would need is a LIST! Yes, that is correct. You need to build YOUR OWN list. But most importantly, you need to build a relationship with your list. Simply put, your list would be made up of real people, perhaps interested in what you have to offer, so it is important to treat them as real people too. Interact with them, be social, offer help and assistance when you can.

It is important to remember that much like you, people in your list may not like to be pitched every single opportunity that’s coming out in the market. Be discreet in this regard, as your reputation as a marketer also rests on the quality of the programs you are promoting. Here is a short list of really good downline builder programs you can start up with:



The 10K Team


TE Profits


Affiliate Funnel


Traffic Hoopla


You can click on each above link to know more about each of these downline builder programs. They’re all FREE to join, but upgrading would naturally yield more results.

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