I don’t know the answer to that question, but I sure hope they really do. Almost a year ago, I published this blog post below.

In Loving Memory of Our Guinea Pig Gin

our guinea pig Gin

It seemed just like yesterday, but it has been a year now.Gosh, how time flies indeed! Nea, our other guinea pig has been alone for quite some time now. He seems to be coping well. Previous attempts to get him new playmates didn’t quite work out, so we have left him alone. I honestly think he likes it that way. Strange but true.

I still miss Gin on some occasions. When we lost him, I wrote a poem the remains unpublished till today. I just want to share it here as I believe it’s quite timely.

My heart is aching,
Yes, it’s breaking!
Losing Gin has left me crying.

Don’t worry I’m coping,
Though at times still sulking.
The loss so sudden and rather shocking.

I don’t wanna be sad
Or I might go mad.
Sometimes I miss Gin really bad.

I’ll just think he’s gone
Over the rainbow bridge and beyond,
Where one day we’ll be together as one.

Wherever Gin is at this time, I hope he’s having a grand time playing with other guinea pigs over the rainbow bridge. Till we meet again, Gin, in due time…

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