I’m pretty sure you will agree with me that memories, esp. of family and loved ones, are worth keeping and remembering for a long, long time. This is another reason why I also decided to embark on this personal project that I have added to my daily to-do list. I must admit that it will take a while before I completely finish this task as Mom has lots of photo albums waiting to be scanned and digitally stored.

Mom loves photographs. She has accumulated more than a few dozens of photo albums through the years. I must admit they all need to be organized and kept properly. We are much in need of some more living space. Although I’m totally fond of memories, I certainly wouldn’t want them totally take over my living space.

Time was when digital technology was a topic for science fiction stories. Nowadays, it’s the modern thing. Whereas we needed to have films developed long ago, almost everyone has smartphones now that even digital cameras are fast becoming renaissance (I’ve seen this term in one article I have encountered).

So far I have successfully scanned and edited around four of Mom’s old albums. I started with the ones that needed more attention. I will then upload the photos in Photobucket and also save them on CD’s. Then put all the photos together in one huge container to preserve them all. 😀

All righty, now that I have planned my course of action, I can now then start implementing them day by day. It’s a lot of work, but I know I’ll finish it eventually. Till then… I’ll leave you with two samples from the old photos. You’ll definitely want to preserve these photos if they were yours! 

Big Sis and Lil Bro

 my brother and me (I was 5)

Mom — her engagement to Dad
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