Technical Skill Requirement: None  😀
Difficulty: Moderate  🙂

We’re now down to the tenth and final step of SEO Easy Steps. At the end of this post is a recap of all ten steps. Using these simple techniques will help deliver more traffic from Google and other search engines to your site. However, don’t expect quick results. It takes a little time. It is important to be constant and consistent in your efforts. You should start seeing improvement in your site’s ranking once you start implementing these simple steps. Keep in mind that efforts ALWAYS pay off.

Take time to know and implement Google Guidelines too. Your site places higher in search results if you consistently meet Google guidelines. Higher placement in search results mean more search traffic for your site.


1. XML Sitemap Submission

2. Building Links

3. Learn a Little Simple Basic HTML

4. Choose the Right Keywords or Key-Phrases to Target

5. Create Fresh and Unique Content Using Your Keywords

Placing keywords on your website

Nine good places to use your keywords

6. Title Tag Optimization

7. Description Tag Optimization

8. Take Advantage of Other Simple HTML Opportunities

9. Eliminate Broken Links and Error pages

10. Develop (or Exercise) Patience

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