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After the Title Tag, you would want to work on the Meta Description Tag. This is the next important tag as search engines often use it for the description of the listing for your page. The content in your description tag appears as the short summary of text under the Title Tag headline in search results pages. It has to be well written so that your site will be clicked on when it appears in search results.

Here is an example for my own website:


It uses the first 149 characters of the meta description tag for my page.

<meta name=”description” content=”YOURSITEDESCRIPTION” />

Here is what you should do to optimize your description tags:

Create a unique meta description tag for each page that uses its keywords.

Create “keyword enriched” description tags that accurately describe the page and product to search users and respect the character limits noted below.

Include words that users would most likely search for to find the product, service or information on that page.

The Meta Description Tag displayed on search engines has a limit as follows: 156 characters for Google, 161 characters for Yahoo, 185 characters for Bing.

Good Description Tags Made Simple

Begin the description tag with the same keyword phrase you used in the title tag, followed by a dash or double colon. Then use it to start a sentence describing your web page in 10 to 15 words.

A few guidelines to follow when writing description tags:

The entire tag should not be longer than 22 words (156 characters).

It should briefly describe the web page and entice users to click on your listing.

The keyword should be used no more than two times in total.

A simple layout for writing description tags that will boost your rankings:

[Your Keyword or Key Phrase] – [A Brief Description of Page]

If you only have a little time to optimize your site for better search engine rankings, at least write good Title and Description tags. They are a fundamental requirement for improved search ranking.

Note: The Keyword meta tag is not given ANY consideration at all by Google or the other major search engines and should not be used.

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