Technical Skill Requirement: None  😀
Difficulty: Low to Moderate  🙂

If you want your site/s to rank high, work on publishing keyword-rich original content on your site/s. Write pages of at least 200 words of unique text with one – three of your chosen keywords. Do this on each page, including your home page.

Unique text simply means you haven’t copied word for word from another site or blog. You can get ideas from other sites. Then just rewrite or write your own version of the same ideas. Either write a shorter and more concise post or a longer and more detailed one. This I believe would make it unique.

Search engines need to find keyword-rich texts on your site/s so they can index and properly classify it. The frequency of keyword usage, otherwise known as keyword density, is just as important. A good tip is to repeat each keyword or phrase, or variations of it, at least two to four times within your post. For variation, you can put your keyword or phrase in a headline using <H1> or <H2> HTML code. Try not to overdo it, however. In terms of keyword density, more is not necessarily better. A higher density might even cause you to be penalized by search engines. Another tip is not to use “invisible text” on your pages. This refers to text that is of the same color as the background. Apparently, using said text may also result in search engine penalties.

(to be continued…)

I will continue on the topic with tips on placing keywords on your site/s. Be back to read some more. 😀

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