Yes, I do take the occasional hiatus from blogging. But there’s usually a good reason behind it. Nope, I won’t make excuses. And yes, writer’s block happens occasionally too. At times, my heart is not in what I do, so rather than write just for the sake of it, I take a break. I certainly don’t want to disappoint readers who expect good quality content.

Today, let me tell you about a photo contest I joined some weeks back. The contest actually started around Valentine’s Day. It’s from a site I recently signed up for a FREE ‘Better Content Marketing Results’ Course. I do take time to sharpen some skills as needed. I believe it is necessary in what we do as online marketers.

Anyway, to join the Contentrix Photo Contest, I had to register an account with Pinterest — that’s where we posted our photo entries. Photos to be submitted were to center on the REASON WHY we do what we do — online work that is. I will admit to having a renewed sense of spirit just thinking of what pictures to come up with daily. The contest somehow recharged my passion and interest. I know I have a lot to work on before I get to where I want to be, but knowing that I do my best each passing day somehow pushes me to¬† go on.

Here are screenshots of my winning entry and the prizes I won…

Watch the video to see the rest of the other entries. I hope that this inspires you today!

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