The week has been a busy, busy one as some of my tutees are having their first quarterly exams. This post is actually a few days delayed already. I intended to post about it as soon as I logged into my Traffic Swirl account and noticed the changes there. It truly has been some time since I blogged about any traffic exchanges I’m in mainly because I belong to quite a few and, more often than not. have not really surfed in them regularly. I suppose the main reason why traffic exchange (TE) owners implement changes is to keep attracting new members as well as retain their existing membership base. It truly is a competitive world out there.

Back to the swirl, I joined this TE a long while back because I found its mascot really cute and adorable.Yup, that’s Swirly Paws right there! The delay in writing about it is a good one as I learned a little more about Swirly Paws yesterday from fellow surfer Winnie Peric. It seems SP used to be a stray until he was adopted and named by Winnie herself! Now, he’s truly associated with Traffic Swirl. It does seem hard not to think of T.Swirl when I see SP. 

So here I am logging into my T.Swirl account one day… Lo and behold! What do I see? ACHIEVEMENTS! It seems these tasks and missions are everywhere these days! 😀 Anyway, one of the good things about it is most of these tasks are quite easy to accomplish once you set your heart out on it. Another plus is that getting an achievement would earn you points which later on you can redeem for some prizes like credits, team surf bonuses, and even lifetime upgrades! 🙂

There you have some of the achievement levels that need to be accomplished. I’m done with Basic and Socialite, but I’m still stuck at Surfing as I haven’t really done any power surfing as I would call it. I hardly surf up to 1000 for that matter. It would probably take me a little more time to work on this achievement. There is a new achievement as of yesterday — Twitter Achievement. I’m still working on it so I would share more about it next time around.

When you complete an achievement in these challenges, you’ll find these seals on your profile page…

And I simply need to mention this… I like Swirly Paws’s board game. Come swirl with me today! Join here.

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