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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #28)

Tip #28 — Show Your Members Real Results or Data
People generally like to see real-time results. These usually impress them and they are more likely to respond to them. If you can offer case studies or data, you will get good results by sharing these with your list members.
Let’s say for example that you have […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #27)

Tip #27 — Showcase Yourself As An Expert
You have valid reasons for coming up with your list. Often times, you do so because you want to provide valuable information that you have gathered along the way as an online marketer. This is my primary reason for coming up with my own email series.
A valuable advice […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #26)

It is important to build a good working relationship with members of your list. It isn’t easy, of course, because you are competing with other marketers out there. Most times you need to stay ahead of competition. Building a relationship and gaining the trust of your members is better for you in the long term.
Tip […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #25)

Tip #25 — Consider the Length of Your E-mails
Find the balance between writing e-mails that are too long and not writing one at all. Most of your readers would be as busy as you are. They may not take the time to read really long e-mails. As much as you can help it, keep […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #24)

┬áTip #24 – Study Autoresponder E-mails That You’ve Responded To
Before coming up with my own email series, I have subscribed to a few other email series by other marketers. I’ve noticed that there are some emails that I look forward to receiving. As such, I usually open them as soon as I receive them. On […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #23)

Tip #23 — Focus On The Subject Line
I must admit this is one area that I also need to work on. Attention grabbing headlines are indeed very important as they’re the first things that your readers see. If they’re not enticed enough, they might not even click on your email.
Sending out solo ads via […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #22)

Tip #22 — Study the Basics of Copywriting Before Getting Started
Here’s a tip for you to get started:

Use the A.I.D.A. formula to improve the responsiveness of your list.


Try to capture attention, interest, desire of your readers and then have them perform the desired action.
Don’t be discouraged and don’t hold off starting or growing a list […]

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