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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #40)

Tip #40 — Focus On Their Emotions
It has been proven that many people make their purchases based on their emotions. This is one reason why niches based on hobbies, relationships. self-help and self-improvement are so easy to make money in.
Try to step in your customer’s shoes and see what their emotions are and address that […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #38 & Tip #39)

Tip #38 — Use Reciprocity
It is important that you build a good working relationship with your list. The reason isĀ  quite simple. If you do something nice for people, it is natural that they want to reciprocate and do something nice for you too.
Give people in your list a gift, and they may feel a […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #37)

Tip #37 : Give a Reason
This part is interesting. In this second tip for the Advanced Copywriting Techniques, it says that when you give people a reason why they should avail of your product or service, they are more likely to respond. It doesn’t even matter whether the reason to purchase is a good one […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #36)

Part VII — Advanced Copywriting Techniques
If you’ve followed this series, in the previous sections, I’ve written about list building basics, including do’s and don’t’s, creating autoresponder messages, building relationships, and making money with your list.
This part will have seven sub-sections on advanced copywriting techniques. These are time-proven methods that can help increase your profits substantially. […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #35)

Tip #35 — Don’t Be Afraid To Change Out Products Over Time
Well setting up an autoresponder series does take time. It is very tempting to just “set and forget” offers. However, it’s still advisable to keep your offers updated. Some affiliate offers may or may not convert so well. You naturally want to keep the […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #34)

Tip #34 — Create Special Offers
If you’re building a list, you’d definitely want to create special incentives and offers for your members. You’d want to make these extra special.. something that your members can only avail of by being on your list.
The special incentives and offers can come in various forms. It could be a […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #33)

I’ve made a summary for most of the previous posts on List-Building Tips 101. That was actually two weeks ago — prior to my operation. I’m still working on getting back on track and recovering as speedily as I can. Anyway, here are two more entries before I proceed with the rest of the list-building […]

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