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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #47)

Tip #47 — Offer Free Products and Put an Opt-In Box on Those Pages
Offer high quality information or software products and then remember to put an opt-in box on that page. People need to opt-in then they will get FREE access to your product/s.
Make sure your product is something people would like to get their […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #46)

Tip #46 — Put An Opt-In Box on Your Thank You Pages
When you’re offering information products for sale, chances are there are customers who will likely purchase from you, even if they’re not in your customer list.
You definitely want to keep in touch with these buying customers as well. One good way of doing so […]

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101 list-Building Tips : (Tip #45)

Tip #45 — Put an Opt-in Box on Every Page of Your Site
This is something simple that can be overlooked. If list building is your main objective, which is what should be, then you will need to have an opt-in page on every single page of your website.
This makes it easier for potential customers to […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #44)

Tip #44 — Consider Using A Pop-Up or Pop-In
What is a pop-up?
I generally see this on some of the sites that I visit. The pop-up appears and it has an opt-in form enticing you to subscribe or get a freebie. It generally darkens the rest of the page until you close it down.
People have differing […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #43)

Part VIII : Where to Put Your Opt-In Form
In the past sections, you’ve learned about the technical aspects of setting up an autoresponder and some advanced copywriting techniques. Now it is time to put them into action. How do you do that? You will need a page where you can add your opt-in form so […]

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101 List-Building Tips Summary (4)

Before I proceed to another section on list-building tips, here is another summary to the two sections previously featured here:

Part VI : How To Make Money with Your List
Tip #31 — Promote Affiliate Products
Tip #32 — Promote Your Own Products
Tip #33 — Presell the Product
Tip #34 — Create Special Offers
Tip #35 — Don’t Be Afraid […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #41 and Tip #42)

Tip #41 — Use Contrasting Prices

Present a comparison of your prices versus another service or product provider. For example, you are selling a strategy to relieve stress, compare the cost of your information product to a doctor’s consultation fee. I’m pretty sure yours will be cheaper. This strategy is effectively used in a number of […]

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