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What’s New at Traffic Swirl?

One of the traffic exchanges I regularly surf at is Traffic Swirl. One reason is Swirly Paws. Aside from that, the site undergoes updates from time to time. Just recently, the Swirly Paws Board Game was updated. It’s still the same game except I think it looks better.
Anyway, I just discovered that there’s a new […]

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Top 5 Sites That Paid!

The other day I wrote about building back links. I mentioned about making a list. I was supposed to finish this yesterday but I needed to set up something important. I will talk about more of it in the days to come, perhaps when I have something more concrete on it. Right now all I […]

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Life’s Little Pleasures

Yup! I’m talking about those little stuff that we usually take for granted. In reality, though, we sometimes can’t live without them. Nope, there probably isn’t  a single list to outline all of life’s little pleasures. Plus, each list could be different too.
I’m really just a simple person and simple stuff can make me happy. […]

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[Traffic Swirl] Come Swirl With Me

The week has been a busy, busy one as some of my tutees are having their first quarterly exams. This post is actually a few days delayed already. I intended to post about it as soon as I logged into my Traffic Swirl account and noticed the changes there. It truly has been some time […]

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Nerfing = Nerd Surfing

Huh? Not familiar with the term? Well, it’s apparently a term coined from surfing the “Nerd” sites all at the same time. If you’re familiar with traffic exchanges, then it would mean viewing other sites to earn credits so others would also view your sites. The “Nerd” sites would refer to the 4 TimTech […]

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Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! ^_^

Ahhh the sweet sound of money… indeed! LOL.. 😀 Who doesn’t like it huh? Well, I’m into Internet marketing to build a steady home-based income for me and my family. On top of that, I’ve always dreamed of working for myself. It’s not all about money, true, but I do need to earn some somehow […]

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