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Contentrix Photo Contest — I Won Third Prize!

Yes, I do take the occasional hiatus from blogging. But there’s usually a good reason behind it. Nope, I won’t make excuses. And yes, writer’s block happens occasionally too. At times, my heart is not in what I do, so rather than write just for the sake of it, I take a break. I certainly […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #31)

This part tackles on how to make money with your list. I’m sure that this is your ultimate goal as well. Do follow the series to learn more about this part.
Tip #31 — Promote Affiliate Products
One good way to make money with your list is by promoting affiliate products. No matter what niche you […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #28)

Tip #28 — Show Your Members Real Results or Data
People generally like to see real-time results. These usually impress them and they are more likely to respond to them. If you can offer case studies or data, you will get good results by sharing these with your list members.
Let’s say for example that you have […]

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Is there really gender discrimination in business?

In a private Facebook group, I noticed a lot of people were looking for a tech person to work with. So, I introduced myself. Upon returning to check on the status, I saw a post at the very top of the wall from a guy who also introduced himself as a coder.

Now, I’m not […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #27)

Tip #27 — Showcase Yourself As An Expert
You have valid reasons for coming up with your list. Often times, you do so because you want to provide valuable information that you have gathered along the way as an online marketer. This is my primary reason for coming up with my own email series.
A valuable advice […]

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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #26)

It is important to build a good working relationship with members of your list. It isn’t easy, of course, because you are competing with other marketers out there. Most times you need to stay ahead of competition. Building a relationship and gaining the trust of your members is better for you in the long term.
Tip […]

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Earn Your Mojos Here ^_^

I’ve been thinking up of more ways to reward you, my good readers. I can’t thank you enough for visiting and reading my posts. I strive to provide quality content so that you will enjoy visiting my site. However, I still dream of more interactive and responsive blog readers. 😀 So what’s new for this […]

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