Boy Golden is one of the film entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2013. It is an action-drama film loosely based on the life of 1960’s real-life gang leader Arturo Porcuna, alias Boy Golden.

Golden was previously known as Boy Anino. However, he and his whole family were victims of a supposed rubout by rival gang members headed by Tony Razon. His whole family was killed, but he survived and later on re-surfaced with a new identity — Boy Golden. He was on a mission of revenge against his rivals who failed to eliminate him.

 Boy Golden block screening

It’s a gangster movie so expect a fair share of violence. And no, it’s not my usual type of movie genre to watch, but this time around, one of my most favorite artists KC Concepcion stars as the main leading lady, Marla de Guzman (a.k.a. Marla D) so I made an exception.

 KC Concepcion as Marla D

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On my previous post, I mentioned about signing up as a member of the Global KaChooChays. The block screening of Boy Golden at Podium Cinema is one of its projects as well. Since I haven’t even met KC Concepcion in person, I knew I couldn’t pass up this chance of viewing her latest movie as well as seeing her in person for the first time. My daughter and mom also tagged along. (This post is related to another one under the 18 Destinations category.)

Before watching Boy Golden, I made it a point to read reviews about the film. I must say I found a number of favorable reviews about it, esp. from known film critics. I also waited news about the MMFF Awards Night as I’d wanted KC Concepcion to bag the Best Actress award for her role in Boy Golden. I was rather disappointed that the movie didn’t win any major awards — only the Best Float award. I was resolved to form my own conclusions about it, even though I was excited to watch it.

 KC Concepcion

The night of the block screening came and I was indeed star struck upon seeing KC Concepcion at the theater with us. She addressed us fans and I took some photos and a video. After the movie, I’m happy that I was able to give KC my gift and get a kiss and hug from her. Plus, Mom & I were fortunate to have been included in a group photo with KC. Yey! 😀

My verdict: Boy Golden is one movie that must not be missed! I was totally impressed with the cinematic presentation of the film. The 1960’s was not an era I know, but it seems that I was taken back in time to enjoy it. KC Concepcion was such a revelation in the movie. She did her drama, action, and fighting scenes too well! I think she deserves more meaningful TV and movie projects!


KC Concepcion with Global KaChooChays

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Production design and cinematography of Boy Golden are awesome! Direk Chito Rono did the scenes too well! And if you think that the movie was just all about gangsters, there’s the love story of Nanay Puring and Atty. Sagalongos (played by Gloria Sevilla and Eddie Garcia respectively) that would touch the hearts of the audience. I loved how their story was told with flashbacks.

Overall, do make it a point to watch Boy Golden. This movie is one for the books. It is fun and entertaining. I hope that the local film industry will keep making more quality films. We, the audience, do deserve the best! 😀

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