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I remember that my late dad used to say that a lot, “Correct practice makes perfect.” If you truly want to be good at doing something, it takes time, patience, and yes, a lot of correct practice. Take note of ‘correct’ for there is a chance you are practicing it wrongly. However, when it comes to writing — blogging for that matter — I realized that you always improve with practice. The more you write, the more comfortable you are with the process. Ideas flow freely and easily the more you do it. It’s like the thinking process too! If your brain is trained to think, you won’t even need to exert a lot of effort to do it as it comes naturally. But that’s another matter entirely. Let’s focus on writing or blogging.

So where do you start? Try writing journal entries or even blog posts, as often as you can. Write anything you like, but writing about something that truly interests you is easier as you’ll feel that you can let ideas flow freely. It comes out naturally, just like sharing your interests or interesting stories with friends or family. And with each blog post that you have completed, you will feel more confident.

Do you want to practice? Try these sites…….

  • – perfect brain dump, no editing needed, what you write is private, no worries of anyone else reading it but you, like an online journal
  • – set up your site and get published today. You can link it to your gmail or google account. It’s an easy to use and free platform.
  • – can be a good alternative to Blogger, in my opinion. I like it better for photos, quotes, links, or videos. It’s also easy to use and free. 

If you want to see some samples, here are the links to two of my sites, one with Blogger and the other with Tumblr…….

Need help getting started? Feel free to drop me a line or two. I’d be happy to help you with your questions. Come back for more tips next time! Enjoy your week! 😀

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