Topic: Off Page SEO – How To Get Number 1 Rankings!
Presenter: Colin Klinkert

Powerful Webinar presented by Colin Klinkert, with a guest speaker who has made multiple millions online in the last 3 years and recently made over $1,000,000 in a week selling SEO software.

Areeb Bajwa,program owner of SEnukeX, talks about SEO, off site SEO and how to think about keywords, and then go about ranking for them.

Topics covered include:

* The Best Places To Get Free Links
* Are Paid Links Worth it?
* How To Scale Up Without Spending Extra Time
* Is it worth scaling up and getting staff?

I got an email from Social Monkee CEO Colin Klinkert about the above-mentioned webinar and thought that I should grab a seat and listen in. I haven’t actually attended any webinars on SEO or related topics, but I’ve been interested in it since I’ve been reading articles about it. I’m also acquainted with someone who does this personally and he has claimed to be making quite an income from it. Of course, that would pique anyone’s interest right? Another thing is the fact that I’m attending on a daily basis this group conference known as TE-Therapy (daily 11am EST). Our coach Ted Sawyer holds alternate weekly sessions of Geek Week and P.D. (Personal Development) Week. We do get to cover a lot during these sessions. I would proudly say that that’s where and how I learned to make my own splash pages. Back to the topic, I’m eager to know more about SEOs as I’m seriously building my site and would most definitely want it to receive moreΒ  in terms of web traffic.

At the moment, I’m promoting my site links via the different traffic exchanges around. Although I do find surfing quite fun sometimes, I have to admit it’s just a small pie of the vast world wide web. Plus, I keep bumping on the same online marketers who are equally promoting the same or similar programs as I have. As a newbie — I’m doing this for almost a year now — I have to admit that a lot of them have more edge than me in terms of the number of acquaintances and contacts that they already have. Ever the optimist I am, I’m quite confident that there’s a vast ocean out there just waiting for me. Therefore, I’m exploring farther than where I now stand.

Although the highlight of the seminar was SEnukeX, I did learn a lot of valuable information. SEO can be done manually and there are lots of free backlinks out there that are available. Of course, you need to make sure first that your site is indexed in Google. (For more info on this, you may visit my online friend’s site — Rakesh Kamandal — Blog Forum: SEO Tips And Tricks) Ajeeb suggested the following tips:

1.) build bloglinks — Some go as far as contacting high PR site owners to be featured on their site/s. It is recommended to post/ comment on blogs that are in the same niche as yours to get better indexing by Google.

2.) social media bookmarking — Have a more active online presence via the different social media sites. I kept hearing about hubpages and squidoo here, so after the webinar, I went and set up a hubpage account. I also published a hub there which I also shared on my facebook and tweeted on my twitter account.

3.) article submission/ press releases — Apparently, submitting articles and doing press releases are two different things. I need indeed to read more on this topic.

4.) blog directories — I featured a post about this courtesy of Traffic Showdown blog. (See Internet Marketing on a Budget)

The topic on keyword research was touched on. Both Colin and Ajeeb don’t believe that this area will be saturated at all as more and more new topics get searched on via Google on a daily basis. Ajeeb mentioned that 60% of the searches on Google (based on Google stats) are unique keywords. He suggested that one should be creative in thinking up of keywords for one’s site. For example, “weight loss” is a pretty generic keyword, but there are searches done for “weight loss before marriage” or “weight loss after childbirth”. More targeted keywords for your site would be good for traffic. It increases the chances of being searched via search engines.

Another great thing about the webinar is that I learned about article spinning. I first encountered this termspinning when I signed up for Social Monkee. I didn’t quite know exactly what it is for except that you can alter or change some words with synonymous words. Apparently spinning an article makes it appear as a new article, at least as far as web spiders are concerned. And webinar attendees were given a treat to a PDF download on Advanced Spinning Strategies. Subscribers to my blog will be given a treat as well as I will be sharing it with them on my next update. One thing about the PDF though, while I agree that Philippine workers are awesome esp. when you hire them to do the spinning work for you, I don’t agree that they should only be paid $3 – $4 per hour to do it! It takes skills to be creative, and that alone is worth a lot in my opinion! πŸ˜€

On a final note, are paid links worth it? Only in rare cases. Why do you need to pay for something you could do for free? You just need to put in a little more time, effort, and energy. Building backlinks can be done without spending tons. Automation is best done when you’ve reached that level wherein you can’t possibly fit it in your schedule anymore because you have managed to build an online empire. πŸ˜€

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