Today I fulfilled one dream — that of taking some roof top shots of the city at night. The building we live in is not tall enough for an awesome roof top view of the city. I’m so glad that I joined the kids — my tutees — in going up to the rooftop. Their building is close to 30 floors. The view is breathtaking. I’m just glad to have my camera with me too! Want to know what I’m talking about? Here’s one of the snapshots that I took…

city view at night

This was not the only great news from last night. One of my pupils also had his kindergarten graduation. I’m just so proud as he graduated at the top of his class and even delivered the valedictory speech! 🙂

Chester was just so happy to show off his awards. He also received a special Scholastic award for being an excellent reader. I’m also happy that a year’s hard work has produced positive results. 

Academic Excellence award

It truly was a remarkable day! Now I want to expand my collection of roof top photos! I already have one for full moon nights. So watch out for more photos next time around! 🙂 Gotta get some rest now.. till next post! 

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