More importantly though is my question on whether team builds do work! Have you ever been part of a team build? I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the ads around. Honestly, they are all attractive with promises of building your down lines for you. But do they really work?

For some people, perhaps they do work. This is probably so true for those who got in ahead, when the team was new and there were only few members. But when the team starts growing bigger, and members aren’t doing their  fair share of promoting the team, then those who get in later are the ones who suffer.

Well, I’ve always been a team player. Yes, I have always believed in teams. I still do I think. However, my experiences with them in this past year have not been so good. Just yesterday I received an email that one of the team builds I’m in is being dismantled. The main reason is members aren’t doing their part in promoting enough for the team. Aww shucks! That was my reaction!

The program is actually a good one. For a one-time fee of $22, you have a chance to enter multiple streams of income. Plus, I know a few people who have cycled in the program. The trouble is, I’m not even near the cycling point and now I’m not sure as to when that would happen. But I’m working on it and promoting for myself so that I could experience enjoying the benefits of this nice program!

For now though, I don’t believe I’m inclined to join another team build. 🙁

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