This event happened yesterday afternoon. We were at Lucky Chinatown Mall for my aunt’s belated birthday treat. I was also aware of the ‘Trick or Treating’ activity at the mall so I brought my camera to take some nice photos of those who would be in costumes.

It also happened that there’s an activity where “A Secret Affair” stars Anne Curtis and Andi Eigenmann would be there to meet and greet their fans.

A Secret Affair Meet and Greet at LCMall

My mom and aunt went to watch “A Secret Affair.” My daughter and I have already seen it on its first screening day so we just hanged out to take photos of kids in costumes.

We waited till Mom and Aunt came out of the cinema before we went to the meet and greet. There were lotsa people watching and we were late so we weren’t able to reserve nice spots. I’m no professional photographer, but I managed to take some photos.

Andi Eigenmann was called in first and she sang two songs. One of which is “Call Me Maybe.”

Andi Eigenmann at Lucky Chinatown Mall

Then there was a game in between before Anne Curtis was called in. Anne said she’s not feeling well, so I hope she takes lots of rest so she can feel better soon. Anyway, she sang “Fireworks.”

Anne Curtis at Lucky Chinatown Mall

Overall, it was a fun day. We had our mini celebration, I was able to take photos of “halloweeners” for my Squidoo lens, and we were able to see Anne Curtis and Andi Eigenmann. 😀

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