So what’s it like to be offline for around a week? Wow! I surely didn’t expect that I would actually get to experience that in this day and age. But I guess it was an eye-opener too. I feel that I got to appreciate more offline stuff that I used to enjoy before the outbreak that is the Internet… lol!

It’s definitely not easy as I do have online marketing stuff I need to work on. I’ve realized how expensive it is to get connectivity. It’s definitely an investment. And so the ROI needs to be taken into consideration as well. But I do have a better appreciation for things around me. At least now I will definitely make a mindful decision not to waste any of my precious time on nonsense stuff online.

Anyway, the main reason was a busted modem. It was just a replacement model for the other busted one last month. I guess it was getting old that it needed a replacement. So now we have a new one, plus I’ve decided to get an upgraded service. I hope that we’ll be getting faster and more efficient connectivity in the process. It should be better for my online work and the research work that my daughter needs to do for school.

That’s it for now! I got lots of catching up to do with online work… till next time! Ta-tah!

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