Apophis pass

Amazing stuff on the news.. sorry it’s a week late though. If you’re tuned in to the news, you would know by now that last week’s news contained the flyby of the huge asteroid Apophis and that Australian dust storm in Onslow, Western Australia.

I’m a bit confused with the date and all but I think the dust storm happened on Wednesday, January 9th. Live coverage of the Apophis flyby started around 7pm EST also on Wednesday night. I’m on GMT +8 so the time zone difference still kinda leaves me a bit befuddled.

Anyway, here’s the video for the Apophis flyby that was covered by Slooh.com. (Slooh Space Camera Broadcast YouTube channel)

We are definitely going to see more of Apophis in 2029! On the other side of the globe, here’s the video of the dust storm in Onslow shared via Perth Weather Live.

Video taken from Onslow in Western Australia on the 9th January 2013.

More photos found on this article, “Freakish Dust Storm Sweeps Over Western Australia.”

If the topic also interests you, there’s a weekly update that I also read via HubPages. This week’s article is about “extreme weather.”

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