If you work online like I do, advertising is an important part of my task that I can’t overlook.As I learn more ways to drive traffic to my sites and programs, I’m sharing here some ways by which I do my advertising at the moment. I invite you to take a peek at each of the links as I worked hard on creating them for easy viewing. 😀

Traffic Exchanges

-simply put an exchange of traffic; I view your sites to earn credits so that others can also view my sites.

125 x 125 (1)

125 x 125 (2)

125 x 125 (3)

468 x 60 (1)

468 x 60 (2)


Text Ad Exchanges

– work like classified ads online

ad exchanges

ad exchanges2


Safelists / Mailers

– send to thousands of members depending on the site/program; You can send daily, every 3 days, or sometimes once a week. Earn credits by viewing others’ mails.



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