That’s what they called the Zoren-Carmina Wedding. Well, I would somehow agree. At least I haven’t witnessed a wedding wherein the bride herself was surprised that she was getting married!

Well, for friends and readers who don’t know the two, here’s a little backgrounder. Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel are both local Philippine celebrities. They’ve been together for around 12 years and have been blessed by lovely twins — Cassie and Mavy. Their family is rather well-known and ideal esp. in TV commercials of a known ice cream brand.

I usually don’t stop what I’m doing online to watch any TV show, but this was one special that I didn’t want to miss. I guess it’s human nature to be curious about such stuff. It was well-talked about for around a week now because of the surprise factor of the wedding. You see, it was all planned by the groom himself — with a lot of help from others naturally. But it was kept secret from the bride who thought that they were just doing another TV commercial shoot.  

So what did I think of the event? It’s a beautiful wedding. I think it’s totally awesome the way it was planned and hidden from the bride herself. Perhaps if someone would come up with a “wedding of the decade” poll, this is one wedding I would vote for. 🙂

It truly is heartwarming to witness such an expression of love between a couple! Below is the video on YouTube as shared by the official wedding photographer — NicePrint Photography.

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