Hello again! I sure missed updating you. I’ve been caught up with life too much that I’ve admittedly neglected you. Well, here I am with some new updates. 

Actually, I needed a platform to post my work, so I thought why not use my own website, right? I guess the title provides a clue as to what I would be posting. I do not claim to be a writer, yet it’s been a long-time dream to be a children’s book author. But my baby has grown up into a fine young lady, so I don’t exactly have a character to write about anymore. Besides, I didn’t really have any intentions of doing fan fiction writing. Sure, it’s been a fad for the last few years. Even the Fifty Shades series started out as fan fiction writing. Perhaps this is just a passing fancy or it might turn into something serious. All I know is that there’s this nagging feeling for me to do this. So here I am. 

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction by me. It does not pertain to a real-life character, but it may have been inspired by another fictional character. Note that this is my original writing. Please do not copy without permission. 



“What? Is it morning already?” I groaned, as I turned to switch off my alarm clock. 7 o’clock. Great! I still have plenty of time for my class. So I just lay in bed for a few more minutes and think of how great life has been. Yeah! I’m Jack Fortes, 19 years old, a junior at Riley University, carefree, fun-loving, guitar-strumming heartthrob. No, I’m not bragging, but I’m just confident enough to know that I look better than your average guy. What can I say? I inherited my mom’s good genes.

I suddenly thought of Mom. I wonder how she’s doing in Japan. Sometimes I worry for her safety, but she says it’s the only way to provide for me and my future. I wish we could be together soon. That’s why I’m doing my best in school. Plus, my friends and I formed this band recently. I know we’ll have a great chance at winning the upcoming Tournament of School Bands.

So much for lounging around. I need to prepare for school now.


That’s it for now! I’m still working on the rest of the manuscript. It is a work in progress I’d say. I may need to revise a few more times too. For now, that’s a taste of my own fan fiction writing. 

Till next update… ta-tah! 😀

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