Spoiler Alert. We’ve completed the 18 destinations journey before March 2014 ended! Yipee! I’m still dazed that we have actually achieved it, but we’re totally ecstatic that we’ve reached our goal. It’s time to plan for more adventures in the near future…

Malayan Plaza Tower entrance

Throwback. This post is about Destination #17, the second to the last adventure that we have experienced within our one year plan, Malayan Plaza Tower. And yes, I call it the weekend holiday movie adventure. You see, it’s also related to two other previously published posts.. the Boy Golden block screening at Podium Cinema and the Star City adventure.

Mom & Bea

Mom joined us for this adventure that happened over the Christmas break late last year. We were invited to join the Boy Golden block screening with the rest of the fans of KC Concepcion to be held at Podium Cinema. It’s located in another side of town and since the movie showing is happening late at night, we thought it best to check in at the nearest hotel.

city view 33rd floor Malayan Plaza Tower

It’s a good thing that the Malayan Plaza Tower also had some promos over the holidays. We not only got a good rate but we also got the 2 ride-all-you-can tickets to Star City.

swimming pool 33rd floor Malayan Plaza Tower

One of the first things we did when we got there was to explore the place. The hotel is 40 floors high — awesome! — and has fantastic views of the city. The pool is located on the 33rd floor. We didn’t go swimming though as it wasn’t part of our agenda.

helipad 40th floor Malayan Plaza Tower

I loved the city skyline and made sure I took some really nice photos. To get to the roof deck, we had to take the elevator to the 37th floor and the stairs for the rest of the way. The roof deck is where the gym is also located. There, we found out that there’s actually a helipad on the roof deck. Wow! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen one. It was quite an adventure and my daughter was so happy that I took a jumpshot photo of her while exploring the highest part of the hotel.

#jbsjumpshot Malayan Plaza Tower

Overall, we had an enjoyable time staying there. I love it that the room amenities include coffee and tea too. Plus, there’s a 7-11 store next door and the Podium Mall is just across the street. However, we were assigned to the 18th floor, and I did wish we could have gotten a higher floor with a nicer view.

room amenities Malayan Plaza Tower

That’s it for Destination #17. Watch out for updates on the last destination… Subic! WooHoo! 😀 Till next post… ta-tah!

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