Yey, I’m on a roll! Onwards to Destination #8… This is another one of those multiple destinations but single purpose activity. I’m naturally talking about church visits. 🙂

Since my daughter enrolled in her Humanities 1 class this semester, they have been tasked to go to a few places to highlight culture and the arts. I have shared the first one some posts back — museum visits.

My daughter took care of the first two locations, but I accompanied her in the last three. We actually split it into two days, since two locations are closer to each other. The other one is a bit out of the way.

Malate Church

First stop was Malate Church. It’s another one of those old churches built during the Spanish times. That time we visited, the church was also undergoing some renovations to improve its facade. It is strategically located right across from the Rajah Sulayman Park fronting the well-known Roxas Boulevard in Manila that overlooks the sunset of Manila Bay.

Rajah Sulayman

It was a bit cloudy and drizzling at that time, but we managed to get walk around a bit and take some photos. I’ve shared most of them on my Instagram account.

Sta. Cruz Church

We had lunch at the Aristocrat Restaurant. It’s quite well-known for Filipino dishes. From there we proceeded to the second stop — Sta. Cruz Church. This one is a jeepney ride away from Malate. We took some photos and headed home, which isn’t far away.

San Agustin Church

The visit to San Agustin Church was scheduled for another day. It’s located in Intramuros, near where my daughter goes to school. We love to walk so we enjoyed the visit to San Agustin. After hearing mass and taking some photos, we then stopped at Zucchero Cafe for our late lunch. My daughter loved the Gambas and I enjoyed the Sizzling Tofu. The cafe also serves yummy blueberry cheesecake and fresh fruit smoothies.

Zucchero Cafe

All’s well that ends well. Taking photos and visiting places of art and culture to fulfill some school requirements and enjoying some Mom-daughter bonding are woven into one. How cool is that?! Plus, we get to tick off some items on the destination list. 8 down… 10 to go! Watch out for more updates! Till next time… ta-tah!

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