My daughter is turning 18 this year. Yes, that’s how fast time flew by. It seemed just like yesterday when I was taking care of a tot. Now, she has grown into one fine young lady. I’m truly blessed to have a daughter like her.

For her 18th year, she dreams of visiting 18 different destinations. That’s not going to be easy considering the financial constraints. However, we both sat down and talked about the plans — which are still ongoing. We’re actually making them up as we go on. We’ve decided to fit the 18 destinations within the designated budget. That would mean that we need to be more creative and resourceful in determining the places we would be counting in.

The places need not be too far away or too exotic or even expensive. We plan to start with places we don’t usually trek or go to regularly. And yes, we’re starting with the metro which is where we are from. The main objective is to have fun and build memories together as we try to reach the goal of visiting 18 destinations.

I’m writing this early morning of Monday, so it’s yesterday when we started counting destination #1. Locally, it’s known as the M.O.A. Eye. Perhaps it’s not as grand as the London Eye or the one in Singapore (I dream of visiting both.), but this one’s closer to home.


The Mall of Asia (M.O.A.) Eye is a 180 ft. tall ferris wheel located at the SM by the Bay — the back of SM Mall of Asia complex. It has been open to the public since December 2011, but we’ve only discovered it recently. It’s also my first time to ride on it. It has 36 air-conditioned gondolas, each can hold up to a maximum of six passengers.

My daughter and I rode on one gondola. Naturally I took some photos. Each ride lasts for around ten minutes. We had an awesome time. It’s a great thing we were all done with the ride when the heavy rain poured down. What a fun day indeed! I hope the rest of the other destinations will be just as much fun. One down, 17 more to go…

Have a great week ahead! Till next post — ta-tah! 😀

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