I guess I’d need a bit of an introduction for this post. This is destination #11. Actually, there have been other adventures that we have done prior to this one, but since this one’s in season so it gets written first.

A belated Merry Christmas to one and all. Now, it’s more fitting to greet everyone a Happy New Year! 2013 has indeed been a challenging yet fulfilling year for me and my daughter. It’s within this year that we started on her 18 Destinations journey. I’m admittedly behind in updating my blog, but we’re almost at the end of the 18 adventures we have set out to accomplish before my daughter’s 18th year is up.

The Global KaChooChays

The Global KaChooChays(GKs). I finally mustered the courage to join a solid KC Concepcion fan group. You see, I’ve admired KC since she first became a model for Human. Gosh, she’s just in her teens then. If I remember correctly, it was her first ever endorsement too. There’s a bit of a long story here that I would skip ‘coz it’s not related to this post. Anyway, I’ve been following GKs account on Twitter and Instagram and made a comment about wishing to meet KC Concepcion in person. It’s one of the items on my bucket list. (The other one is to have a solo photo taken with her.)

I was told to send an e-mail to GKs to register to join the group. My daughter joined too as we both like doing things together. As it turned out, the group was planning a Christmas dinner cruise when we signed up, so we got invited to join them. It’s GKs second anniversary too, but it was our first time to join. I was both excited and nervous ‘coz I would be meeting a number of new people. I haven’t been in a group in a while as I find life to be a lot less complicated when I’m by myself and family only. But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if I were to expand my horizons a bit this year. So Bea & I marked our calendars and decided to join our first ever dinner cruise!

Realship Corp.

December 21st. It’s the day of the Christmas dinner cruise. We’ve been praying for good weather, but on the way to the venue, we got rained on… pretty hard at that! But since I’ve done my part in praying, I wasn’t worried much about the outcome. It turned out we got delayed a bit as the yacht was still being prepared for the party once the weather cleared a bit. Worry not as the rest of the party went on smoothly and the weather stayed clear for the entire night. Awesome, isn’t it?

M/Y Shanti

We were to go on board the M/Y Shanti, better known as “the party yacht.” Boy, Bea and I were too excited as it’s also our first time to board a yacht. So we also did a little bit of exploring and took photos of every area we could. Boy, the M/Y Shanti was pretty huge! We knew then we’d have a great time… so thankful we joined GKs for the party.

Manila Bay sunset

It was almost sunset when we started sailing. The view was totally magnificent! I had a grand time taking lots of photos of the scenery. Oh how I love taking landscape photos! 😀

M/Y Shanti interior

The cruise went around Manila Bay. We started out from the CCP Complex Bay, Terminal Bldg. B; then proceeded as far out as Solaire Resort and Casino. Our main destination was, of course, the awesome fireworks display at the bay side of SM Mall of Asia. It happened daily at around 7 p.m. I even got to take a video of the fireworks!

Dinner was served once the cruise got back on the dock. Overall it was a satisfying and appetizing dinner! I was careful not to eat too much as I wouldn’t want to ruin my diet. LOL! I do have my weight maintenance goal to stick to.

Manila Bay dinner cruise view

After dinner, there was a short program and a raffle with prizes ranging from some tickets to the Boy Golden film that stars KC Concepcion, a few accessories from KC Concepcion’s garage sale, and a few items of pre-loved clothes from KC’s closet too. Our table was pretty lucky as all 5 of us ladies there won prizes… 2 won tickets, 2 won accessories ( I won a coral colored bangle!) and Bea won a denim jacket! How great is that! 😀

Everyone stayed on for a few rounds of videoke singing and dancing. Bea & I, however, left before the party was over. We walked to a nearby Starbucks shop for our nightly recap and found some sort of merriment happening along Roxas Blvd. There was a stage set up and some bands were performing live. It was indeed a memorable night for Bea & me! Destination #11 is done! I have six more waiting to be drafted and posted. I really should step up in my blogging habits. That is something that I’d need to work on for the coming year.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story. Till next update… have a safe and wonderful New Year’s celebration! It is the last day of 2013! Good-bye 2013. Hello 2014! Ta-tah!

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