Throwback. We chose this for Destination #15 as it’s not every day that we go exploring some new malls within the metro. We have passed by this mall twice before while on the way to other destinations, but we haven’t really stopped and visited it until that one day in December when we crashed another family outing.

Robinson's Magnolia

It was Christmastime then, so don’t be surprised that I’d be sharing some photos with Christmas decor. The mall is Robinson’s Magnolia. It’s actually much like any other malls in the metro, but we kinda liked the huge open space at one side of the mall. Since it was night time, it was also adorned with nice lights.

Christmas tree

The huge Christmas tree was truly eye-catching. We saw lots of people taking photo opps right around it though. I just took a photo of the tree, as I’m not really much into this selfie thing.

Lego Christmas village

Prior to the craze of the Lego Movie, a movie which we also watched not too long ago, I took a photo of the Lego land on display at the mall. It was a huge Christmas village that really looked awesome. We were even amazed at how expensive some of the Lego collection sets were! (Php 10,000 & more)

gingerbread house

Then, there was the life size gingerbread house. You can actually pluck some of the marshmallows and cookies on the house and eat them! My daughter and niece actually did just that! Good thing there’s no witch around to catch them!

Robinson's Magnolia

Last but not the least, we enjoyed the outdoor park where we took some selfies by the water fountain. Glad we did as it started drizzling some time after. I guess that was the signal that it’s time to go home.

Destination #15 — Robinson’s Magnolia. Three more to go, with 2 more waiting to be drafted. Then, we’ll need to wait till summer time for the 18th destination. Well, that’s it for now! Till next update… ta-tah!

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